Personal Growth Coaching

Feeling stuck?

Not moving forward in your life as fast as you want?

Know there is more to life, but not sure what?

Lost your passion?

Not feeling good enough?


Personal Growth Coaching is for people who do not need psychotherapy but want to make sure they are living their lives to the fullest.  During psychotherapy, people learn to change their dysfunctional behaviors so their lives can be more functional.  Coaching is designed to help people who are already functional begin to live richer, fuller and more successful lives. I specialize in coaching women who know there is more to life than they are experiencing.


Most of my coaching takes place over the telephone.  Each coaching session is either thirty minutes or one hour.  The client decides which is best for his/her schedule.

In the first couple of sessions, the client and coach will be defining goals to work on during the coaching sessions and strategies to meet those goals. Before each session the client e-mails a form to me that identifies the client’s progress for the week.  By doing this the client and the coach are organized and clear about what needs to be discussed.  This helps each session be efficient and effective.


For a free 30-minute coaching session to determine whether we are right for each other email me at or call 252-903-9926. I look forward to hearing from you.



My time with you was a life changing experience. I never dreamed I could build a business, make money, retire and be happy. I loved our appointments and always saved the money so I could pay you. I learned to love you always, respect and admire your work. I am a living example of a positive lifestyle . Even my soul mate came into my life. You are awesome in helping people fulfill their dreams. Still me, still happy, still love you very much.     

-Lou, Georgia

© 2020 Diane Henderson