Personal & Professional Growth Coaching

Feeling stuck?

Not moving forward in your life?

Know there is more to life, but not sure what?

Lost your joy and passion?

Not feeling “good enough”?

Looking for your purpose in life?

Got a big decision to make?

Want to make more money?


   Coaching is for people who do not need a therapist, but someone they can trust to lead them to significant progress in achieving more in their lives.  In psychotherapy, people learn to change their dysfunctional behaviors so their lives can be more functional.  Coaching is designed to help people who are already functional begin to live richer and more successful lives.  Most of my coaching takes place over the phone.  I offer Group as well as Individual Coaching.

​   The first couple of sessions will focus on defining goals and developing strategies to meet those goals. Before each session, the client e-mails their progress for the week and what the client identifies as needing to be accomplished in the following week.  By doing this the client and the coach are clear and organized about what needs to be discussed, helping each session to be efficient and effective.


   For a free 30-minute coaching session, email me at I look forward to hearing from you.