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Former Transformational Coaching Clients

Lelia, Florida

Diane has a tremendous insight into human nature.  As my coach, she always found the best in me, and reaffirmed it to me so I could appreciate & acknowledge it too.

Lou, Georgia

My time with you was a life changing experience. I never dreamed I could build a business, make money, retire and be happy. I loved our appointments and always saved the money so I could pay you. I learned to love you always, respect and admire your work. I am a living example of a positive lifestyle . Even my soul mate came into my life. You are awesome in helping people fulfill their dreams. Still me, still happy, still love you very much.     

Lynnie, North Carolina

Diane has an uncanny ability to draw out seemingly small details that later turn out to be boulders that were keeping you from moving forward.

Robyn, North Carolina

Coaching was what I needed at that time in my life. She showed me how to help me take a large goal and break it down into manageable, much smaller goals. How to define what I am looking to accomplish. Not to just be happy, but break it down to define the things I like to do, to make me happy, then, divide that into, baby steps towards that goal.

I would tell her my confusing thoughts, and she somehow helped me make sense of what I was trying to say.

Thank you Diane, with all my heart. I feel like I am heading in the right direction, with more confidence, and clarity.

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